Control your humidity

  • TOBACCO: 68% - 72% RH

    Why it’s important to control cigar humidity and the common issues you will encounter if you don’t.

  • CANNABIS: 58% - 65% RH

    VaporBeads™ act as both a moisturizer and a desiccant, keeping your bud fresh, potent and flavorful.

What are VaporBeads?

  • Common cigar burning issues

    Common Cigar Burning Issues

    Using VaporBeads™ in your humidor will help you get the most enjoyment from your collection. Many of the common issues encoutered when enjoying a cigar can be reduced or eliminted by maintaining humidity.

  • Protect Your Cannabis Flower

    VaporBeads™ help you avoid common problems with storing flower: loss of terpenes, flavor, potency and dry weed that burns too quickly. It's also important to avoid an excess in moisture which can lead to mold or mildew.