The Ultimate Guide to Cigar Humidity Control - How to Keep Your Cigars Fresh and Enhance their Flavor

The Ultimate Guide to Cigar Humidity Control - How to Keep Your Cigars Fresh and Enhance their Flavor


Introduction: What is Cigar Humidity Control and Why It's Important

Cigar humidity control is an essential part of the cigar smoking experience. It ensures that cigars are stored at the right level of humidity and temperature to keep them in perfect condition. Keeping cigars at a consistent humidity level of around 65-72% RH (Relative Humidity) helps to ensure that the wrapper, filler, and binder of the cigar remain moist enough to smoke properly and burn evenly. Cigar humidors range in size from a small desktop humidor of about 150 cubic inches to a large cabinet of about six feet wide and five feet high. Many cigar retailers recommend at least three cigars per inch in the length and width of the interior for optimal care, although more cigars may be stored inside. The best way to determine this is to stack your cigars, measuring the number that fits on each level before filling completely. An average-sized humidor will hold up to fifty cigars, but it is not recommended that more than 100 be stored inside since it would cause too much moisture accumulation. Keeping your cigars at the right humidity levels will ensure that they stay in good condition, taste great, and burn evenly. Understanding cigar humidity control and maintaining your humidor can be the difference between a great smoking experience and a mediocre one.

What are the Best Tools & Accessories for Controlling Humidity?


VaporBeads™ are one of the best humidity control products because it only requires adding water. No need for added chemicals like propylene glycol solutions. They are reusable and can last up to 2 years before they begin showing signs of degradation. VaporBeads™ are a rechargeable bead system made of medical grade silica which are impregnated with a salt based formula. The beads have micropores for excess moisture absorption to give precise humidity control. Simply dip up to the very first opening (when turned vertically) in distilled or reverse osmosis (RO) water and set in your humidor to maintain a desired relative humidity. Hydration cycles may vary depending upon the container and climate. Normally requires rehydrating every 2-3 weeks

Boveda® also manufactures humidity control and humidity monitoring products, and one that we highly recommend is the Boveda® Butler, which measures relative humidity and temperature in real time. It also allows you to set thresholds to alert you when the humidity is too high or too low, which is an ideal setup for using VaporBeads™ since you can determine if it's time to rehydrate the beads or remove them because they are too saturated. The size of the Boveda® Butler is about an inch long by 1/2 inch thick and it can adhere to the lid of your humidor using velcro. Other than calibrating it (making sure the sensor reads what it's supposed to read), pairing it with your smartphone is the first step and final step, which is a very easy process.  


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